Soul Body Harmonics - Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, and Shaman Mentor

I am a Light  worker,
I am a Transformation Healer
I am a Ancient Channel and Galactic Bridge
I am a Metaphysical Teacher
I am what I am
I am a gift 
I am good medicine
I am Light
And I am happy to be of Service to this planet,
In my past life, to my knowledge I have been.. (not in chronological order)
 Groucho Marks (Comedian)
  Iriguay             (African Medicine Man & Healer)
 Tela mala Kula  (Hawaiin Woman Kahuna)
 Bartholomew    (Disciple of Master Christ) 
  Winta               (Spirit Guide from the other side)
In this Life,
 I am ........    

                              Matthew S. Bueno, 
                             ~Lightning Bear~

  A Metaphysical Healer, Shaman, and Spiritual Mentor. 
 My mission is to let the wisdom flow, to be a conduit for others,  
 to Guide & assist those who feel called to the path of the Sacred.

   I currently have Metaphysical Classes that I teach online from my
   home in Northern CA.
   These classes are in 5, 7, and 12 week intervals, one day per week. 
   Times will vary for each class. Pacific Time..
   Call me at 530-276-3642 or email me at                          for more information

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by Soul Body Harmonics

Life truly has meaning in Mount Shasta Northern CA. Here we have beauty hidden from the Naked eye. It takes an open heart to feel the history in the surroundings, and to be able to feel the connection to spirit.  By making a trip to the Mountain you can feel the Majestic nurturing warmth coming from nature here. 
It takes a child wonder, and respect for the Ancient tribes, respect for big foot, the little people (or wiwilas), the space ships, and the Lemurians that live in the mountain. Many of the tribes here still maintain a living respect with these beings and often are visited by them during ceremonies on the mountain. This area is Sacred and the land will speak to your heart when the time is right.
It starts with you, Life has moments when we can sit in Awe with what The Creator has made for us, even the life experiences we've had and don't understand how to give verbiage to. 
I have developed my own curriculum of Angelic knowledge,  taught to me from the Universe for the most incredible healing available. In my list of classes are some of the most wondrous modalities being taught in this day and age. As a channel for the Universe, I have been given special visions and attunements to pass to pass on, and assist others for their awakenings. This is my passion and my path at this time and I am happy to oblige. 
We don't have to be dying in order to be really thankful for this life. 
All we need to do is be teachable, be willing to invest in our spiritual growth,
 to go that extra mile for ourselves, and to be open to love ourselves     unconditionally. 

I teach classes that work on engaging on your hidden abilities, parts of your sacred self that lie dormant waiting to be unearthed.
These classes are different from all other services I offer. The classes I teach have a spiritual foundation I rely on in order to share with you a well rounded spiritual awareness development and the use of healing tools to utilize at your discretion.
  With my guidance, you will learn to access these parts on your own.
 With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to sculpt your own cutting edge healing practices over time.  .More...
  • I will assist you to access your psychic, Clairvoyance, intuitive, and visual abilities
  • You will gain an understanding about your path
  •  You will begin to feel rejuvenated after each class
  •  Joy will be redeemed into your life 
  • Your perceptions of your old life will cease to exist
  • You will have a daily practice to keep up your personal Vibe
  • You will have an understanding of how and when to use your gifts
  • You will feel more effective with your work your already giving

High vibrational Healing

"Return to yourself, let your light embrace your Awakening          spirit and become who you truly are.."
Master Kuthumi

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