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The Ascended Masters & Angels Present:
Group Psychic Healing Classes

On Feb 2nd 2017 
We begin an Instruction on #Level 1 
Here is the Description...

Evolutionary Foundation Class
Level 1
Level one instruction begins with YOU. This class was developed to create a level of understanding wherever you see yourself in your spiritual awakening. This class will help with amplifying understanding your life in any direction you are inspired to walk towards and bring the support from spirit to you to learn from. This class is easy to understand; we provide instructions through Shamanic Journeys to help build your own creation ideas that naturally resides in you. For the past decade these techniques and journeys have been altered for your benefit, for you to be able to grasp the wisdom and how it inspires you.
 Over this 8 week course we will provide an easy step by step adventure that will continue to awaken you as you process in your own way. Each day in class, the masters and myself will explain what our purpose is for you and how you can benefit from the exercises we provide. Most of the information is channeled for you, we then take you on a journey with the intention to expand your awareness with the help of the Masters and Angels. The masters and angels amplify the love in you so that you can feel your own authentic connection with them as time goes on in the class. The masters and angels were sent directly for you, the feelings of unworthiness slips away as soon as it arises.

“You were created with the love that also created this planet.”
We are all on different paths created for a mission on this Planet. We all have special gifts that we brought with us in this life and our own stories of how we got here. It is up to us to make the decision to awaken that part of ourselves. In this class we will show you how.
This is just one way…
 Grounding Cord-
In this level one class you will be taught how to Ground yourself in a Metaphysical way by using colors that give the feeling of peace, love, understanding, well being, strength, integrity, wisdom, awakening, protection, and growth. These grounding techniques uses a Grounding Cord developed by Mother Mary for us to use. This Grounding technique helps to keep our minds from obsessing on negativity and helps to bring awareness of emotions we carry.
·      Protection-
This unique instruction for protection was created by Arch Angel Michael, it is called the golden egg of protection. Built with energy of Heaven and the Angels of Security you can develop this sense of security within you to harness protection at any given moment. Done on a daily basis it will provide awareness of false energies around you, coming at you and a sense of accountability.
·       Accelerated Growth-
In each of the classes we bring with us lots of information for you to internalize. We understand that these instructions can be mind blowing to say the least. So, we have created an Activation that will bring about a sense of absorbing the information provided rather than to listen and understand each detail. This is called the Accelerated Indigo light activation. Once received on the first day of class you will feel that energy coursing through your body to reveal an awakening in you. This awakening will help to not only get all that we teach but also to relearn the information in your dream states.
·       Removing shame and Guilt-
Over the years of your life we have in some ways accumulated these emotions that stop us from feeling. We provide journeys to enhance growth and dissolve old patterns of belief that keep you as your own hostage. In your field or Aura are filters that keep your divine light from shining in it’s true potential. As we help clear old patterns such as guilt, remorse, bitterness, resentments, fear, etc. you will begin to feel much more of your authentic self-more and more each day.
·       Initiation-
We believe that everyone needs to feel blessed, in our busy lives some of us were given “Rites of Passage” and some of us just became of age. In the Initiation realm we have created for you is just a reminder of how special you truly are. This is one of the big stepping stones you will feel that will support you on the rest of your journey through level 1.
·       Forgiveness-
In the spirit realm our lives are being recorded. As we live we are guided and yet we strive to live a life that is defined by our actions. The masters and God have brought a gift for us to follow. We have been given a chance to redeem ourselves no matter what mistakes we have done to another. This journey releases you back to your heart and release deep seeded guilt that we are either afraid to look at or too deep to find in ourselves and lies dormant until it is time to be revealed. This is a gift given by spirit to allow us to feel the freedom of Forgiveness and provide opportunity for success in all our relationships.
·       Clairvoyance exercises-
Once you have asked for forgiveness and you feel the freedom of being detached from guilt and depression. Your gifts can now return to serve you into creating a life you will be amazed in having. Clairvoyance exercises will not only create joy within you but also lets you become aware of your spiritual power.
·      Meeting your spirit animals-
We all have guidance, we all have ancestors that stand with us, and we all have spirit animals that speak to our hearts. Our animal totems are like reflections of our spirit and it is up to us to feel that connection.
Every animal has a spirit connection with us, we both live on the same planet so not only do we have people who inspire us we also have animals as well. This journey will provide that attainment of the animal in your awareness, it is up to you how you honor that animal and create your own connection.
·       Clearing your own Chakras-
There are many ways to work on yourselves and your energy field. We have developed a technique to teach you to become aware and accountable for what you carry inside your chakras. Your chakras or energy centers carry imperfections that accumulate over time or carry other energies from other people and experiences. With the help of mother Mary and St. Germane we have developed a technique that allows you to be your own healer. With the given energy which mother Mary and St. Germane will provide you can feel their love and support as you work diligently on yourself, there is also a realization of truth that we sometimes keep to ourselves. But, with the help and guidance of these two wonderful helpers you will be able to achieve clarity in this work.
There is much more that goes into teaching this class in Level 1, so all classes are recorded and sent to your email for your review. If this feels like something you want to commit to, then don’t hesitate.
This is a 8 week course...
For any questions regarding price, times, and place, please contact me at
Or call me at 530-276-3642 

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