Soul Body Harmonics - Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, and Mentor

Soul Body Harmonics

Energy Healers Retreat in Mt. Shasta CA.
 August 25th to the 28th 2017

~Energy Ascension Healer & Metaphysical Teacher Matthew S. Bueno in Mt. Shasta CA~                             

It is so heartwarming to witness so many deep transformations with this work online with so many like-minded and Special people around the World!

In Mt. Shasta, in northern California, is one of the most potent of the earthly vortexes of the balance of Divine Feminine/Masculine. Having worked with the Native energy of this land and others lands such as Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii, for more than 20 years now, the Ascended Masters and my Uncle Red Cloud has guided me to create a sacred gathering at Mt. Shasta for those of you who are ready for profound surrender to your Souls and deep connection to our Sacred Mount Shasta ... re-union with your God-Self. 

We will be teaching and Offering….

  •         Hands on healing with the Masters
  •        30 min Personal Session with me
  •       Transmuting Bucket Healing with the Masters &           Hands of Chakra Healing
  •        Journey with your Spirit Animals on Mt. Shasta in       a ceremonial Setting
  •       Creating a Medicine Wheel on Mt. Shasta in a             Sacred Respectful Manner
  •       Drum Making Class 
  •      Private Sweat lodge ceremony Led by Jack Thom        SR. Karuk Spiritual Leader & Much More…..   

~ You will leave with New Healing Tool Set of               Protection that is right for you in this Busy world

 ~ Learn Healing Techniques that will be uniquely          yours to work with for clients or personal use    

~ Leave with personal inner Reflections and New          Relationships 

~Gain confidence in your personal work and feel         Rejuvenated in your new perceptions of the World

August  25th to the 28th! 

For more info....
Space is Limited! 

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