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Soul Body Harmonics

`The Collective Clearing Class`

Your spiritual path is sacred and needs to be clear and effective for you, your clients, and the world you live in. We all have our own intimate connections with the Light of Love. We all have our own way of feeling our connections. Do you know how to keep yourself at a high frequency to the point of not taking on other energies from other people, situations, and experiences?
This class is mainly learning techniques to clear yourself and the embodiment of spirit. You are a Sacred Being with a Sacred Path and you need to know how to keep yourself in awareness so, energies won’t drag you down and start carrying a sense of gratitude everywhere you go.

Mother Mary explains it as clearing the Orb of light, your body is a conduit of profound energy that embraces life with the expectancy of receiving love everyday because that was how you were created, Through Love. Your body has an extraordinary way of holding onto experiences that creates the world you live in every day. It’s in this understanding that you become weighed down by memory and the determination to change what was real for you in your past. We all get triggered in one way or another from experiences in our days of life and the same feeling tries to block our growth and understanding.
Creating a new life each day needs room to flourish and upon awakening before your day begins is the best time to set your Orb of light in the intention of healing upon request. We have a relationship with the light of the creator to enhance your well-being and to help you become more than just a human being living every day. We the masters want to encourage you all to be your very best in every circumstance that you are faced with. We have developed simple exercises to teach you to clear your lighted orb and gather light energy that constantly surrounds you in your present lives. These exercises, done in the proper way will help to develop your mind, build your awareness, create and opening to receive instruction for yourself and others during meditation, and build a connection that will be well harmonized to your development of your spiritual path. You will learn the following:
  • To harness your own light body and create strength in your aura
  • ·Learn to access high self -connection and call forth your own downloads made for you
  •  Create Validity in yourself and in your aura
  •  Know the difference between human collective and                 Universal collective
  •  Daily Exercises to practice and become accustomed to   feeling Joy upon awakening
  •  Know your boundaries and how much energy you want to   extend into the world
  •  Work with your guides chosen for you to increase awareness
  •  Meet the energy of your galactic family and receive your own memories from times on other planets
And Much more!

This is a 5-week course for $447.00 ½ up front and half at the end. Upon completing this course, you will receive a certificate from “Soul Body Harmonics!”
This will be an online course starting at 4pm on Sunday 21 2018. Please contact me at or call me at 530*276*3642 and I will send a payment link.
  Once payment is made, I will send the conference number to you.

Thank you! 

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