Soul Body Harmonics - Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, and Mentor

mother-mary- A worker of inner truth and soul truth activator. she is pure with intension to help heal the inner child and dissolve emotional layers that cover up the soul body.Jesus A man of great love in heart of hearts, keeping unique energy surging for the benefit of conserving the children and healing the heart of man. quan-yin Gentle but firm healing and dissolving lifetimes of despair. Pink lotus energy and removes false belief programs.In your personalized Sessions I Channel
The Ascended Masters and their Energy to enhance healing in you.
The masters are not a projection, they come through your high self and connect with you and your energy field.
With your permission they energize your field and help expand your awareness. 
We teach you a Grounding exercise before each session to provide the best results in connecting to your high self and the Angelic realms.
We are committed to working with you at your own pace and provide a safe secure energy protection with the help of the Masters & Angels wherever you are and instruct you to experience your own personal alignment with God Source.

"The Souls Truth"

In each of us is a center of creation, where a doorway is located for the Masters & Angels to heal with "Etheric Psychic Surgery". 
It is a doorway to your soul, located just under the belly button.
 It's purpose is to maintain Harmony between the brain and the body.  In the Souls Truth are layers of negative energies, programs, patterning, and past lives that have accumulated over lifetimes that obscure your souls Brilliance.  The more layers that are dissolved in the souls truth the brighter your inner light becomes. 

The special part of this Psychic work performed by the Masters & Angels in the Souls Truth is not only to dissolve and clear energies so your inner light can shine but, also to give the full Spectrum  understanding why they exist in you. 
It has been my experience to have an understanding of why a negative layer of patterns or programs originated from, the deeper the healing you can receive.

  •    We remove unwanted layers of emotional energy that cover up your soul brilliance, thus causing a rise in your vibration at the same time.

  •     We dissolve old energies from your past that may cause you to feel trapped in negative thinking and withdrawn from life.

  •    We help heal and replenish your human energies that cause illnesses, bringing you back to wellness. 

  •   Working in the souls truth and the rest of the body guarantees a full body energy balancing at the end of each session that you can Feel! 

     60 min Session $210.00    

Cozmic Coaching

* The 5 session special is good for anyone working toward a certain goal and you need a spiritual Coach to contact the Masters & Angels for extra help.
* These Sessions are created for you at your                                         caliber and you will be given insight and                                                techniques for you to maintain your new vibration
                                     * These Sessions can also be purchased for                                           someone you know who needs this work!

                                $1,100.00 for 5 Sessions

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