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Tethering Healing
The Elder Activation
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Tethering Healing

I stumbled upon a technique I like to call "Tethering Healing." I have always had the influence of healing possibilities, working with the Masters has given me insight that is beyond anything I have ever felt and experienced. In my meditations I have fallen into deep tranquil trances where I can feel the Universe in me expanding in every perception of mind. I have felt the immense uncanny emotions of the planet, the progression of the human collective, as well as the Universal collective which at times was very difficult to come out of my meditations or even to verbalize what I experienced.

The Elder Activation

The 4 Elders Activation 
Healing Meditation

This particular Activation has to do with relating to nature and our mountains on Earth. Together we are intertwined in an evolution that is taking place at every given moment, but how many of us are really aware of the balance of Man versus the balance of Nature. There is a strong collective encompassing our planet and of those who feel the changes. We have to ask ourselves.
 Is it really ours adhere to? What if Nature and Earth have other means of evolution for us?


A few days ago I was working with someone who needed my help and I was surprised to have met Solaris whom graced us with her presence. I am always cautious to the spirits who come  into our sessions to help and  I asked my teacher Master Kuthumi who she was.  He replied to me that Solaris is of higher energy of the Angelic realm, I humbly looked in her direction and greeted her with my energy. She smiled at me and said,"Greetings Ancient One". I said, "Ancient One?" Wow, I have never heard that one before and she just smiled.

The Indigo Accelerated light process

Happy New Year Souls of Earth! We are on the brink of discovering a world within a world. A discovery of how easy it is to access the divine through intention and joy. The earth and sky are bringing in a support of living consciousness and the Masters support our triumphant period where we take control of letting go of old beliefs, patterns, underlying resentments, lies to ourselves, and a lot more.

Arch Angel Michael is teaching ways to lift our spiritual energies, experience accelerated spiritual growth, and how to expand your overall high self  connection with blissful capabilities.
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