Soul Body Harmonics - Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, and Shaman Mentor

My name is Matthew S. Bueno,
 A Metaphysical Healer and Shaman Mentor
 I currently have Metaphysical Classes that I teach online.
These classes are in 8 week intervals one day per week.
 From 5-7:30 pm PCT
Call me at 530-276-3642/

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Have you ever felt different growing up?
Have you ever felt like there was something wonderful other than you looking through your eyes?
Have you ever been drawn to spiritual studies but did not know where to begin?
Were you able to see spirits, angels, or Auras while growing up?
Do feel drawn to help heal another?
Do you sometimes feel what others are feeling?

I teach classes that work on engaging on your hidden abilities, parts of your sacred self that lie dormant waiting to be unearthed.These classes are different from all other services I offer, these classes have a spiritual foundation I follow to give you a well rounded education and the use of spiritual tools to use at your discretion, along with the recorded class for your review.  With the proper guidance and experience, I can teach you to draw these parts of you out. In this class you will learn protocols of how to use your gifts in a safe and intuitive manner.More...
  • You will receive an introduction of how to access your psychic, Clairvoyance, intuitive, and healing abilities
  • You will feel closer to yourself and rejuvenated after each class
  •  Joy will be redeemed into your life and you will feel lighter in every way
  • You will have a daily practice to keep up your personal Vibe
  • You will have a deeper understanding of how to use your gifts
  • You will feel more effective with your work your already doing

The Evolutionary Foundation Class~

  • Learn to clear separation between you and your high self
  • Clearing programs and ideas that has caused spiritual separation
  • Clearing blocks out of your Chakras
  • Activation and Past life Regression to help clear issues in the present
  • Initiation with The Ascended Masters
  • Meeting your spirit Animals
  • Journeying into the inner Realms of Earth to Eliminate Self Doubt
  • Learn to receive love from Spirit Teachers
  • What is a Spiritual Activation?

High vibrational Healing
A Quote from my Mentor and Teacher Master Kuthumi:

"Return to yourself, let your light embrace your welcoming spirit and become who you truly are.."

"Master Kuthumi"

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